From our Current and Past Members

Working at AIR is different, everyday is different and the place we are in is unique. Tokyo offers us a new perspective about how you live and this is reflected in the way I work at AIR.

Julien Henrotte

Frontend engineer / UX

AIR enabled me to get plenty of hands-on experience, in any area I was interested in; from design to development and marketing. AIR also gave me awesome career guidance. All of this while working with great people!

Brian La Vassaur

Product manager

Working at AIR has really helped me grow professionally and personally. It is a great place to work that fosters your ambitions and helps you achieve them!

Salah Hawila

Software engineer

Julien Brian Junji


At AIR, we try our best to be a progressive employer. And that means having firm values we believe in and cultivate. These values are Transparency, making all information available for anyone to review, question or discuss; Autonomy and Accountability, giving full trust in our people; and Growth, encouraging peer mentoring and having people stretch beyond their existing skills. We are AIR and We hope you too can join our team.
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