AIR at en-japan inc.

Market Analyst Intern

Location Shinjuku, Tokyo - Japan Intern

About position

AIR is multicultural, interdisciplinary product development organization part of en-japan inc., one of Japan’s leading Human Resources company.
AIR works as the innovation lab of en-japan, using advanced software technology and data science to create disruptive digital products, to improve talent management and people’s career.
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Job summary

We are looking for a motivated intern to help the business better understand the human resources and recruiting market environment for our products.
Job assignments consists of conducting market research, competitor analysis as well as any other type of business related research.


Collect data on markets, consumers, companies and consolidate information into reports and presentations.
Interpret data, formulate and make recommendations.

Evaluate demographics, prices, distribution channels, and marketing outlets.
Research and share knowledge on market trends, and business opportunities in the HR & Recruiting industry.


Personal traits

Autonomous you must be able to work without expecting someone telling how to do things. We value people who don’t always ask for permission and trust their common sense.
Self-motivated: like any business, there are highs and lows. Whatever the situation, we expect your energy and positivity to be contagious.
Efficient: we don’t care for long hours, on the contrary, we prefer people who are well rested. But we do value people who can think fast and get things done efficiently.

Knowledge & skills

IT-knowledgeable: Most of the solutions are software products with some degree of complexity.
Communications skills: whether talking to customers or teammates, you should be a great listener and a master communicator.
Presentation skills: Capacity to summarize information and present it in a clear and easy way.
Analytical skills: Strong analytical and critical thinking.
Spreadsheet master: most data analysis happen in spreadsheets. This should be your playground.
Languages: English: fluent level required; Japanese: a massive plus.
HR: Interest for the human resources and recruiting market.


Market research: experience in both qualitative and quantitative research greatly appreciated.
Past achievements: We value University degrees but we care more about your achievements. Feel free to show us any of your past achievements, whether or not work-related.


¥1,200 / hour
A startup atmosphere: flexible hours, no dress code.
An environment where experimenting is always welcome and failure synonym of learning.
Work with an international team of smart individuals in a fun office environment.

How to apply

Send the following documents to:
Cover letter which should include:
- Why you are interested in working with us
- What book or person influenced you the most and why

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